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Malapit na ang pasukan mga chikiting, excited na ba kayo pumasok? 
Good luck to all incoming freshies this school year 2014-2015 and enjoy your stay! Also, join our very own HIMIG-CFAD (shameless plug) para rakenrol.
And for the old ones (di ako kasama), kaya niyo yan! Onting tiis nalang at walang susuko, especially to those incoming seniors who will be taking up their thesis.At lagi niyong tatandaan, cramming is the best.
Photo taken during CFAD Week 2011, Illust Doodle Room
(Also, join CFAD’s pride! Illustrator’s Guild of The University of Santo Tomas)
Samahan niyo narin sa panonood nito:
Hey there! Yes you, the one currently looking at this image.
Do you want to collaborate and make some awesome works?! I think it’s a wicked idea for us to work together! You & me vs the world, sounds cool right? 
Yes, I know. I’m awesome. Be sure to message me (say hi or you want to collaborate!) or hit me up through my e-mail (see my info, I put it right there!)

deepfriedjupiter said: Ang cool ng mga illustrations mo, dude!!!! @-)

Oh wow, thank you!

Model: Sarah Carlos
Photo by Li-an Tanseco  |

Model: Sarah Carlos

Photo by Li-an Tanseco  |

Behance link:

My personal album art cover featuring some of my favourite songs for our personal branding task during my OJT

Check out the Behance link for this project:

Kamusta naman pagpapawis niyo?
The theme for the recruitment and member development for academic year 2013 - 2014 of TomasinoWeb is “Nowhere to go but up”. For the 2nd semester, I designed a plane leaving tracks of smoke revealing the name the words. This illustration is used in recruitment posters and announcements as well as the identity of each department of the org.
Death Bot
After paskuhancirca 2011